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Renewable energy leads - exclusively

DASolar has focused on nationwide renewable energy lead generation since our founding in 2008. We are based in the mountains, on the beautiful shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The beauty of our surroundings inspires us everyday to promote clean energy and protect our environment. Our business ( educates consumers about their energy choices, be it solar, wind, geothermal or other alternative energy options. We share money saving incentives, rebates, and tax credits for their location - and then we introduce them to you...

Exclusive only

Our leads are exclusive only. (Each lead is sent to only one installer).

Why are we exclusive only? Because it ensures that you will make money. You will close deals with higher margins - in less time, without competitive headaches.

If you make money with our leads, you will stay with us. We don't have to spend our time finding new customers (most of our customers have been with us for years) - we spend our time boosting the quality and quantity of the leads we send you. Everybody wins.

Our job - focus on quality, speed

We focus on lead quality, so you can maximize your time selling. We know that a good lead can make you money - and a bad lead just wastes your time. Our job is to get you the good lead, quickly.

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