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Solar Hot Water Leads

Solar Hot Water Installation

Our solar hot water installation leads are sourced primarily from location specific pages on our website. We have optimized our website to rank well in the search engines for terms relating to "solar hot water installation", "solar hot water installers" and other similar terms. In general, we have optimized our site to appeal to prospects looking to purchase, as opposed to learning about the technology. Focusing on keywords like "installation" and "incentives" yields buyers that are far along the sales funnel.

Incentive information

We have an entire section of our site dedicated to incentives related to solar hot water (and other renewable energy types). These incentive pages generate search engine rankings (and leads) for prospects far down the purchase funnel (in buying mode). Our incentive page information is derived from an extensive, well maintained, government database. Incentives include rebates, grants, tax credits and other money saving opportunities at the national, state, local and utility level. Our Incentive Alerts service leverages this incentive data and is another great source of leads.

Solar Hot Water - Qualification - Shading/roof condition

Obviously, shading is a hugely important qualification factor for solar hot water leads (solar PV and solar pool heating too...). We accomplish this in two ways:

  • Human verification - humans look at Bing, Google and Zillow maps to check the location and identify any shading or roof condition anomalies.
  • Prospect re-verification via email - the prospect is emailed maps of their property - they electronically verify location and shading issues using a form that updates the lead automatically.

Double Opt-in

The combination of these two qualification methods assures both the location and the fitness of the roof for solar. It also, very importantly, serves as a "double opt-in" by the prospect - demonstrating (for the second time) their desire to be contacted about solar hot water.

Find more details on our lead generation process:

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