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Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification

A detailed and rigorous lead qualification process is essential to producing consistently high quality leads. We built our systems from the ground up with quality in mind and with a specific focus on the requirements of renewable energy - we qualify, clean and verify the data on many levels throughout the process.

Automated + human verification

DASolar's lead qualification and data augmentation process uses both automated verification (via external databases) and human verification (looking at maps, verifying data). The source of our leads are derived from forms located on our website. These forms collect location information (full address), personal information (name, email, phone), and project information (lead type, project description). We also maintain a 24/7 call center to service incoming leads via phone (877-331-1235).

Location verification + double opt-in

The data from the forms is transmitted instantaneously to our system for the first step of processing. The location information is verified with an external database of valid street addresses and then is mapped with Google, Bing and Zillow (real estate info) for use by our Energy Consultants to visually verify location, shading etc. In addition to manually looking at the maps, our system also sends the prospect an email with the same maps and a questionnaire for them to verify their location. The response (which qualifies as a "double opt-in") is included in the lead information sent to the installer. If the response is delayed, the lead is updated automatically (and sent to the installer) - we call this the "Living Lead".

The IP address (the location of the prospect's computer network server) is also verified and compared to the prospect's physical address. This helps to eliminate SPAM or other less-reliable leads, as the two locations will usually (but not always) roughly correlate.

Personal info verification/augmentation

External databases are used to verify phone numbers and email addresses (we make API calls to cloud-based internet services that perform automatic data validation). This helps to weed out potential SPAM but also is effective in fixing simple typos.

In addition, we make API calls to external data services to augment each lead with data from the 2010 Census (demographics). We also add home price data and extensive property related data (lot size, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc). We also add wind speed data.

Each Lead - 200 fields of information

In all, each lead has more than 200 fields of information that are used by our system and our Energy Experts in the qualification process. Of course, these 200 fields are also used later to subset/target leads for subsequent targeted mailings.

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