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Rich database + targeted email = $$

DASolar has been building and cultivating a database of prospects interested in renewable energy since 2008. Each lead in our database contains more than 200 fields of information (2010 census, demographics, home price and property info, wind speeds, etc) that can be used for specific targeting of emails.

Targets not lists

We don't sell lists. We craft specific emails (with your offer language) and send them directly to a targeted set of prospects - because we want to maintain control over tone. timing and frequency of the messages received by our prospects. Its important to maintain the trust we have built with them. We review all requests individually and send all emails from our systems. Opt-ins are then sent as leads.

Let us target an email for you

If you are already a DASolar customer and are interested in a targeted email, just fill in this targeted email request (add link). If you're not a customer yet, then fill in the request for exclusive leads and we will sign you up for leads and design a targeted email to get you started while the normal lead flow begins.

Find more details on our lead generation process:

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