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Lead Sources

Lead Sources

The leads we generate come from a variety of sources - but primarily from our search optimized website, The site is 7,000 pages, and contains articles and information about all types of energy (from coal to solar to wind to geothermal). We have detailed information on all federal, state, utility and local incentives for renewable energy. This is one of the reasons for the high quality of our leads - our website attracts and informs people far along the purchase funnel (researching incentives). We also maintain a blog and publish content to our social media accounts that in turn drive traffic to our website.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search engine optimization is a set of methodologies we use to create structure and compelling content that is recognized by our readers (and the search engines) as content that answers the fundamental questions they are searching for. (In our case, "solar panel installation", or "wind turbine installation", "solar energy tax credit", etc).

By focusing on "installation" and "incentives" we capture leads that are in the "buying" mindset (versus people merely researching the technology like "solar panels" or "wind turbines"). In a nutshell, we've optimized our website for the buying "action" (installation) and not the "thing" (solar panel).

Energy Incentive Alerts Service

The Incentive Alerts Service is a free, opt-in service for our website visitors that delivers updates to federal, state, utility and local renewable energy incentives via email. The service monitors numerous national and local databases for new or updated tax credits, grants and rebates and sends email alerts to prospects based on their location and preferences.

This service is a phenomenal source of high value leads as prospects are educated about money-saving incentives and given the option to be contacted by an installer (you).

Cross-selling lead types

Another source of great leads is our automated cross-selling engine. Very similar to's online recommendations and their follow-up emails, we educate our prospects about other types of renewable energy. Thus, prospects originally searching for wind turbines (who may not have sufficient wind speed), are then educated about solar PV or geothermal heat pumps and are allowed to opt-in to be contacted by an installer.

External websites

DASolar's lead qualification engine is also being leveraged by a number of renewable energy equipment manufacturers in their lead qualification process. 

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