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Exclusivity = Sales Efficiency

One of the keys to our success, and the success of our installers (lead buyers), is our exclusive lead business model. Exclusive leads offer a number of significant advantages including overall sales efficiency.

Exclusive Lead Advantages

  1. High close rates - It's obvoius, if you start out the sales cycle with no competitors, you stand a much better chance of closing the sale.
  2. Faster sales cycle - With no competitors to complicate the sales process (FUD, low ball bids etc.), the sales cycle is shortened significantly. ...and the cycle continues!
  3. Lower cost/Higher margin - Higher close rates and faster sales translate to a lower cost of sale and higher margins. Its difficult to argue for a lead that is sold to 3-4 additional competitors just to save on the cost of the lead itself - hello jump ball! To us, the only way to sell leads is exclusively. We make less money in the short term, but make it up over the long term through our satisfied customer base.
  4. More sales from referrals - The efficiency of exclusive leads delivers you more customers - and as a result, more references that help you sell more deals. In the same way you gain more references, so do we! We count on your good experiences with our leads to cultivate you as a reference for us going forward - to help us grow our business. We look forward to signing you up as a customer and creating a Customer Success Story of your own...

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