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Lead Speed/Delivery

Fast follow-up = More sales

All top sales people know that a speedy follow-up to a new lead yields significantly higher close rates - and more sales. To that end, our first priority is to deliver the new lead to you in less than 3 minutes. The automated portion of our lead qualification process is instantaneous. The "human" portion of our qualification process involves our Energy Consultants (1) verifying the lead data and (2) looking at 3 different maps (Bing, Google and Zillow) to check for shading (solar), lot size (wind) and other relevant items.

Happy prospects = More sales

This verification is performed in under 3 minutes. The result (if you call the lead quickly), is a surprised and happy prospect who is ready and receptive to your advance. It's the stuff that sales are made of. Industry statistics show that the sales person that makes initial contact will close the sale 80% of the time.


Please remember that when you receive a lead from us - it's fresh! In most instances, the prospect is probably still sitting at their computer, or has just finished their phone call with our call center. They have just demonstrated their intent to buy and have asked to speak with an installer. This is your opportunity to fill their desire and make a sale. Go for it!

Delivery methods

We offer two primary delivery methods for our leads.

  • Email (up to 4 recipients) - includes links to maps and home data
  • CRM (direct to your CRM system) - Salesforce or other CRM

Email delivery is simple and easy - we send the lead detail with links to supporting maps and home data. CRM delivery is direct to your CRM and allows you to view the lead within your existing app. This is highly recommended if you have a CRM, as it assures your follow-ups will be swift and effective - and your lead data will be easily accessible within your current workflows.

Installer Introduction Email - lead handoff

To facilitate the "handoff" of the prospect (lead) to the installer, we send the prospect an "Introduction" email. This email (see image) includes the installer logo (with a link to the installer website), the installer phone number and a description of the installers business. Prospects are able to call the installer directly, or look through their website prior to initial contact.

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