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Lead Quality

Lead Quality = Sales Efficiency

We strive to deliver the best leads in the industry. By focusing on quality we create efficiencies throughout the sales cycle - yielding the most profitable outcomes for your business.

Lead Generation - Process

To acheive the highest quality lead, we have have divided our lead generation process into 3 discrete steps:

  • Lead Sourcing - Identifying prospects far along the sales funnel - using our search optimized website and online marketing strategies
  • Lead Qualification - Employing a combination of highly automated database authentication and human based review
  • Lead Speed/Delivery - Execution of the qualification and delivery process in less than 3 minutes

Sales Cyle Efficiency

Our leads are Exclusive Only. Exclusivity ensures a faster close, higher margins and a more satisfied customer (both you and the prospect). DASolar is interested in building a long term customer base - and adding to our growing our list of Customer Success Stories. We have happy customers and low stress - that's what life's about!.

Find more details on our lead generation process:

Quality - Sources - Qualification - Speed - Exclusivity - Targeted Email - Customer Success

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